Novel handcrafted stone taps

They are made from metal, wood and natural stone and are the result of an innovative design inspired by nature’s balance.

13th february 2018

aixeta gessi

Although Gessi’s creative team met the designer Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà and the artist-philosopher Marsel Lesko at different times and places, they were both chance meetings close to water, the element which feeds the company’s inspiration. Both had independently been engaged to create a graphic perception, in the case of the former, and a poetic sculpture, in that of the latter, which integrated states of physical, mental and spiritual balance.

“The silent breath of stones taught me how to breathe,” says Marsel, and his charming omen for personal harmony is an ancient, ancestral practice: the search for a seemingly impossible balance among stones.

This meditative exercise requires you to lose yourself in action, to entirely give yourself over to the stone and become the stone itself. Listening to silence allows our breathing to tune in with the universal balance of nature; you need to surrender to the flow of life in a moment outside conventional time, so as to finally find yourself in your own centre, in balance.

  • An innovative design
  • Metal, wood and natural stone
  • Natural design