Living ceramics, the skin of your home

Living ceramics is guided by the desire to create versatile ceramic solutions for interior design and architecture. The coatings of floors, walls, stoves, steps … they are definitely the skin of our homes and public spaces; and we believe that you
have to take care of them and pay them attention.

We feel true passion for good design and that is why we show you this brand that is committed to a material that facilitates the obtaining of original and practical resources, such as pottery. Living creates products that respond to current demands, adapted to the needs of users and in accordance with new trends.

ceramic wall

La Cerámica Living offers us two products

  • Colored porcelain, ideal for outdoor and indoor formats ranging from 5 × 5 mosaics to pieces of 60 × 180 cm
  • The white paste enamelled in measures from 7,5 × 15 to 40 × 120 cm maximum.

Commitment to avant-garde design is ensured combining creativity with the infinite possibilities of pottery capable of addressing the current challenges.

Pottery on the wall!

The eight collections that Living ceramics offers a full blend of materials and finishes. They are conceived as
a whole, so it is simple to combine with each other, regardless of the collection and chromatic choice.

They are collections that follow the current line of union of different surfaces. The experiment with this mixture of textures is the leit motif that gives rise to a material conception of the pieces. Sophisticated finishes achieved through a game with the subject and an evolved design. Dare to put porcelain imitation wood on the wall!

The result

Materials that bring poetry to everyday life. All of them with the same thickness, which allows almost infinite combinations. All the collections are in a wide variety of formats, responding to the architectural requirements of the moment. They use current technologies such as digital printing in ceramic colors, and methods to the forefront of the technique, such as direct printing on enamels, which have allowed creating lightweight and beautiful designs, of great personality and with unpublished finishes and textures.

living ceramics